FAQ:  Facts and Questions About the PowerPack Copa Team


Who is the Power Pack team?

The PowerPackCopa team consists of local volunteers throughout Maricopa who work directly with local school personnel to confidentially identify students in need of the program.


How is food stored?

Food is stored in our indoor, climate controlled office.


How can I get my child on this program?

Volunteers work directly with the school to identify students in need. If you are in need of this program, discuss your situation with the school counselor who will contact us directly to get you set up on the program.


How often are Power Packs delivered?

The PowerPackCopa delivery schedule is coordinated with each school individually based on need. On average, packs are currently delivered on a monthly basis.


How can I help?

The greatest need of the program at this time is monetary or approved food donations. You can donate by sending checks made payable to PowerPackCopa. Please contact us to arrange pickup or to drop off food.

There are several ways to donate to PowerPackCopa:

  • Individual or business monetary donations to purchase food.
  • Individual or business food donations.
  • Food drives through local schools.
  • Food drives through local churches.
  • Food can be dropped off by scheduling a drop off time by emailing us.
  • Food can be picked up by scheduling a pick up time emailing us.

How do I get this program at my local school?

PowerPackCopa focuses on schools within Maricopa. If your school is in this area and is interested in the PowerPack program, please contact us at PowerPackCopa@gmail.com to discuss details.

If you are interested in launching a similar program in your area, you can also contact us for details at PowerPackCopa@gmail.com


How do the packs get to the kids?

The packs are delivered to the school nurses/counselors who discreetly distribute them to the students.


How are the kids identified?

The PowerPackCopa team works directly with the school personnel to confidentially identify students in need of the program. PowerPackCopa is NEVER given the personal information of recipients.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Upon request, we will provide you with a receipt for your donation.


How can I contact you?

Visit our contact page for full details