About Us

PowerPack Copa is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Maricopa, Arizona working to meet the need of weekend meals for children currently on the free and/or reduced lunch program. Many children rely on their local schools to provide them with breakfast and lunch five days a week. The goal of PowerPack  is to assist in filling the gap on weekends for these children. This is accomplished through donations that are utilized to purchase food that is delivered to each school.

You can contact us directly to learn more at: PowerPackCopa@gmail.com



what we do

The mission of PowerPack is to provide the basic necessity of food to children in need within the City of Maricopa through delivery of weekend food packs.
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PowerPack-Copa is working to make a difference in the Maricopa community. Join our cause and help make an impact by volunteering or making a donation today.

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